Posted on 29/07/2018 00:06

Zumex | Commercial Orange Juicer - VERSATILE PRO


Versatile Pro
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Because of Zumex technological advances, it has become the world leader in technical development and marketing of juicers. Versatile Pro is its best asset.

The innovations developed by Zumex research team include new electronics that offer two selectable operation modes, and a new easy-to-use touch screen display including a host of advanced features. In “self-serve mode”, you will be able to offer your customers the ability for making their own juice by simply pressing the newly designed tap, now featuring a drip-free system.

Commercial juicer essential in businesses with high juice demand.

A further feature of the Versatile is the Feeder capacity that can hold up to 10kg of produce, a fruits container that will provide autonomy and freedom to service bars or restaurants, become the ideal choice for hotel buffets and self service establishments.

Alternatively by selecting the Professional Mode provides you the option of pre-setting the program to squeeze a predetermined number of oranges every time it’s used. The squeezing process will start by pressing the ON button, and finish when the cycle is complete.

The Zumex Versatile Pro Orange Juicer enables you to configure many more functions – from a choice of 23 languages to the number of cups that have been served, and how amount many fruits have been squeezed to also generating a an incident report if the unit requires technical service.

Technical Details

Machine details ZUMEX – MINEX
Context of Use Cafes and restaurants with a high juice demand
Fruits / MIn 22 oranges per min
Capacity 10 kg
Weight 54 kg
Power 380 W
Consumption 2.7 Amps
Voltage 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz | 115 V / 60 Hz