Posted on 22/11/2019 03:34

OJA Cafe E-4 Tap


OJA Cafe E-4 Tap: Automated Self Serve Commercial Juicer 

Orange Juicers Australia (OJA) Cafe E-4 Tap is not just a juicer but, in fact, an intelligent machine that saves you significantly in terms of labour costs. Just Tap the On button and the juicer will start peeling and squeezing oranges. It even has a counter that keeps a count of every fruit that is squeezed.

You can get an output of up to 20 oranges per minute with OJA Cafe E-4 Tap Juicer. You will not need anything else if you have OJA Cafe E-4 Tap.


Sensors That Make Your Life Better

The OJA Cafe E-4 Tap has a dual faucet control sensor. It can be turned on and off just through a simple touch.

Further, there is a counting sensor that keeps track of how many oranges have been squeezed. Therefore, it saves the cost of manual labour that you would be spending for the purpose.


Designed For Efficiency

The body features of OJA Cafe E-4 Tap are designed to make it last.


  • The entire frame is made of stainless steel. Therefore, you can move it around as you wish. It is never going to rust,  break, or fall off. Even the inner lining of bearings is equipped with steel rings, which you won’t find anywhere else.
  • The filter of OJA Cafe E-4 Tap is induced with the latest technology. It has a combination of kidney-shaped holes and round holes to ensure a clog-free operation.
  • The juicer capacity of 15-20 kg ensures that you don’t have to keep refilling the juicer again and again.
  • All these improvements and latest technological trends ensure a yield of 70%, which is the highest in any commercial juicer.


The Perfect Juicer For Large Needs

The OJA Cafe E-4 Tap Tap is designed to handle every commercial juicer needs. With its Automatic features and counting screen, you will be saving a huge amount of money that you have spent on labour.


If you are looking for the best hi-tech commercial juicer in the market, you should get OJA Cafe E-4 Tap now.

Technical Details

Juicer details OJA Cafe E-4 Tap Tap
Power 120 W
Voltage 220V 50 Hz/110V 60 Hz
Size of Orange 40-80mm
Output 20 Oranges per minute
Yield 70%
Size 500L*500L*960H (mm)
Weight 58 Kg