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If you have been searching for a glass polisher and you wish to find a quality product that looks elegant, today is your lucky day. Here is HIT GP5 Pro- a glass and stemware polisher that is just perfect for everything, from a small bar to a big hotel. Available in two colours you won’t find anywhere else- Classy Black and Moonlight White.


Dry, Polish, Shine 350 Glasses per Hour

HIT GP5 Pro is a multi-function equipment to make your glasses better than new. It is equipped with a high-speed fan to assist in drying glasses quickly.

Then there are five brushes made of cotton synthetic material to ensure in-depth polishing of every glass particle. This gives a shine to every single glass and even the stems of glasses. This is why your glass will never have looked better than after you have passed them through HIT GP5 Pro.


Your Glass Will Shine Like Never Before

Our past customers often remark that HIT GP5 Pro gives their glasses a shine that is even absent in new glasses. If you try using HIT GP5 Pro, you will find that they are not wrong.

With a capacity to polish up to 350 glasses per hour, imagine all the costs that you would save on labour with HIT GP5 Pro. This is not even the starting of what makes GP5 Pro the perfect fit for your bar.


Build Quality You Wouldn’t Find Anywhere Else

HIT GP5 Pro is designed to last. From its outer shell to the tiniest of parts and gears, everything used in HIT GP5 Pro is the absolute best in quality that is available in the market.

To begin with, the outer shell of HIT GP5 Pro is made with AB717 shell. It is resistant to any impact, stain, and splashes. After all, we realize it is designed to be kept in tough kitchen environments. Therefore, we have designed it to withstand ANY environment.


How to Operate

You don’t need to be trained to use HIT GP5 Pro. Using it is a piece of cake. All you have to do is follow these steps:


Step 1: Get the wet stemware that you need to be dried and polished. Make sure it is clean.


Step 2: Just hold the glass in touch with the brushes. The brushes will do the rest.


Step 3: The glass comes out polished due to the brushes and dry due to the warm airflow running through the equipment.


What’s Included

HIT GP5 comes with the equipment and FREE brushes (5) that you will need with the product. The brushes are removable to provide you with easy maintenance and cleaning.


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Technical Details

HIT GP5 Pro Technical Details
Power 1000 W
Amps 9.2
Shipping Weight 30 lbs
Size 13L*12W*14.5H (inches)
Brushes 5
Output 350 Glasses per hour