Frucosol F-50


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This Orange Juicer has external dimensions of 735 mm high by 330 mm wide by 460 mm thick and weighs just 34 kg. The Frucosol F-50 has a 250 watt POWER consumption (0.75 hp) that runs from standard 220/240 mains voltage.The Frucosol F-50 Juicer blends 25 oranges in a minute -less than 2 and a half seconds. It takes all the headaches and mess out of juicing fresh oranges.The F-50A features a TOP STORAGE area with a CHUTE that allows SEVERAL oranges to be loaded at once.The fruit DIAMETER must be up to 85 mm.The Frucosol F-50 Juicer is easily removedĀ  for deep cleaning, thanks to its STAINLESS STEEL and PLASTIC parts construction. This makes it easy to keep the Frucosol F-50 GERM-FREE and HYGIENIC. It also SEPARATES the juice from the waste bulk of peel and pulp, making it much easier to use and maintain than other juicers on the market.

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Technical Details

Machine details Frucosol F50
Height 730 mm
Width 470 mm
Length 375 mm
Weight 36.5 kg
Power consumption 300 W
Power supply 230V – 110V
Capacity 20-25 Fruits p/m

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