Frucosol F-50A


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The Frucosol F-50A measures 785 mm high by 470 mm wide and 620 mm thick. The squeezer proves that SMALL can be POWERFUL.

Its 250 watt (0.75 hp) motor running at 220/240 volts can easily juice  25 oranges a minute.  That’s less than 2.5 seconds per orange.  Oranges can be up to a maximum of 85 mm in diameter.

On top, the F-50A features an AUTOMATIC feeding basket which means bulk operation for ease-of-use.

Cleaning is EASY as the F-50A is constructed using stainless steel and all plastic parts are easily removed for deep cleaning, preventing built-up of harmful bacteria and micro-organisms.

The Frucosol F-50A Juicer has a separator that automatically separates the juice from the peel and pulp.
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Technical Details

Machine details Frucosol F50A
Height 785 mm
Width 470 mm
Length 620 mm
Weight 56 kg
Power consumption 460 W
Power supply 230V – 110V
Capacity 20-25 Fruits p/m

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