Self Service Juicer


Recommended for

  • Establishments that offer more than 30 juices every day.
  • Places with medium to high consumption rate.

This is a compact juicer with an AUTOMATIC FEEDING SYSTEM, which switches on/off automatically by PRESSING THE FEEDING TAP.
Its an orange squeezer system that produces juice at a rapid rate.

This system has the best SELF-SERVICE option for your business because it produces high-quality juice at a fast rate.

The CABINET SUPPORT will offer you the option of continuous juicing without worrying about orange peels.
The machine is fitted with castor wheels to make it easier to move.    NON-DROP TRAY
It can be easily set at different heights.
The MAKE of the machine and the cabinet support is STAINLESS STEEL.

Technical Details


Fruits per min 20-25 /min
Capacity of Feeder 12 Kg of fruit
Fruit Diameter Up to 80 mm
Consumption 460 w
Voltage 230-110 v /50-60 Hz
Extending Automatic Sensors Off
Net weight 95 kg
Dimensions 58 L x 75 An x 162 Al cm


Stainless Steel Hubs Included
Digital programme Optional
Movable Podium Included