Frucosol F-2000 Extractor


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The Frucosol F-2000 juicer has dimensions of 530 mm high by 460 mm wide and Weighs 24.3 kg. It has a POWERFUL 750 watt motor that runs from standard 220/240 volt mains.
The F-2000 Heavy Duty Juicer from Frucosol is purposely designed for a high PERFORMANCE, high USAGE applications where RELIABILITY and DURABILITY is PARAMOUNT.
HEAVY-DUTY STAINLESS STEEL is the make of ALL its juicing parts. The Frucosol F-2000 juice can also blend VEGETABLES or even large pieces of fruits.
Its extractor is built for CONTINUOUS operation and SAFETY through an AUTOMATIC cut-off.
EASY to clean

  • ALL parts are completely dishwasher – safe.


Technical Details

Machine details Frucosol F50
Height 530 mm
Width 450 mm
Length 360 mm
Weight 24.3 kg
Power consumption 750W 2800 RPM
Power supply 230V – 110V
Capacity 30 Litres/Min

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