F50 C Juicers


Recommended for

  • Establishments that either have high consumption rate or offer more than 30 juices every day.

The F50 C Orange Juicer has an advanced design that makes it one of the most FUNCTIONAL, VERSATILE and COMPACT machine in the market. ItĀ  offers customers with fresh orange juice with a particular feed counter. The system allows the user to punch in the amount of oranges one wants squeezed. It can be adapted to any kind of business due to its small dimensions.
Equipped with a PRACTICAL DIGITAL COUNTER that makes the machine easy to use.

It is made of STAINLESS STEEL that makes it DURABLE and RELIABLE. This allows cleaning to be fast and easy. It only takesĀ  7 minutes to disassemble, clean and assemble.

Technical Details


Fruits per min 20-25 Fruits/min
Feeder Capacity 6-7kg fruits
Basket Capacity 4 kg Fruits
Fruit Diameter Up to 85 mm
Consumption 300 w
Voltage 230-110 v /50-60 Hz
Extending Automatic Sensors off
Net Weight 36.3 kg
Dimensions 47 L x 37 An x 73,5 Al cm


Stainless Steel Hubs Optional
Digital programmable Included
Movable Podium Optional