Frucosol Chiller Juicer


Recommended for

  • Establishments that offer more than 30 cold juices every day.
  • Buffets, hotels, self-services shops, colleges, universities, supermarkets, airports, fruit shops and malls.

This is a compact juicer with both an AUTOMATIC OPERATION and COOLING SYSTEM.
The system has a high capacity automatic feeder with TURNING PLATES that are EASILY FEED and PRESSED.
Cooling system with 7 liters tank and NON-DROP TAP
The temperature can be controlled to keep the juice cold and fresh.
It is the perfect option to offer FRESH and COLD juice every day.

The cabinet support will offer you the option of carrying out a lot of services without taking care of the peels. The turning wheels fit in the machine make it easy to move. The system also has  NON-DROP TRAY that is easily fixed at different heights.

Technical Details


Fruit per min 20-25 fruits/min
Feeder capacity 12 Kg fruit
Tank Capacity 7 liters of juice
Fruit diameter up to 80 mm
Consumption 610 w
Voltage 230-110 v /50-60 Hz
Extending Automatic Sensors off
Net weight 106 kg
Dimensions 58 L x 72 An x 179 Al cm


Stainless Steel Hubs Included
 Digital Programme Optional
Movable podium Included